Lady Writer in a post in a Hindi news paper writes as per her own study or may be under some negative force of interested corrupt organizations to dis own the Good Work of Shri finish the rampant corruption.

She writes under the caption 'FOUNDATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM', but she maintains that the public demands if any may cannot be effective unless they are from the elected members in the Parliament or so because at first such demands like corruption if any be made through a minister or from the members as if they are India and not the public of India which is being crushed under the rule that has not been able as yet to control or punish the criminal of bungling and scams giving the country a loss far greater than that Clive of Britain who looted The Nawabs of Up.. More so it is not under stood as to why the minister or ministers could not in themselves could think and act for it earlier than the cry of 'Inclav Zindabad' by Mr Hazare and the nation as well. The writer forgot that India Has got A President with full powers to suspend the Parliament if the parliament is not responsive to the country but to its members- a false notion. Matters little that the parliament could also check the President of India but if it gets more that two third majority against the President. but at present parliament is constituted with members of many faction and parties who are busy in their own interests, that is why the country's voice through aam admi will have it's way. and that the present government could sense it though a bit late but bowed to the will of the country. I will request the writer to study the constitution deeply and then comment if any against Mr Hazare.