The Last Week of Middle School in 6th Grade

Hey it's Cierra! As you can tell by my title, this is my last week of 6th grade. And i think it am going to miss it. !!!!WRONGE!!!! I am so happy to get out of that nightmare called 6th grade!! Between the teachers to the students I just wanna pull my hair out!! I had so many bad tmes there and only a hand full of good times! The only good things about it was that i met my 2 awsome best friends named Nigeria and Harvey. And I met my first real crush named Kilondre. But the bad thing is that Kilondre broke my heart and made me cry because he loves my best friend Nigeria. And another good thing is when me and my friends got into a fight with this girl name Shania!But the worst is all the bullying, name calling, heart breaking, things like that! And I am just happy that I am going to 7th because I NEVER EVER want to see the 6th grade hall ever agin.

Well that is all for now :) Please remeber to comment.
!!Cierra Out!!