Late SANJAY GANDHI in Emergency then and afterwards but how is he now propagated.

Late Sanjay Gandhi was never in power in the Government but had been an eye for the politcal conditions that were then and likly to develop further so as to slowly poisoning the interests of the nation and thus had the guts to advice the administration to act in the right diretion. Naturaly some who wanted the power in their hands played a mass movement against the then government on the power of caste, groupe religeone and mass ignorance of the people tobe guided by ,resulted into emergency to curb those resonsible for all the trouble atthjat time such as rising of costs, blackmailing and breaking law and order.
Some how the then government had to bow out the power and handed it to those new experimenterers ,who unfortunately could not control, the country and since then inspite of there full effeciently performance.
Latter then again Indra Gandhi took charge and laid the sound foundation that had been satisfacterly till again this time but for the game of Globalization, that has once again put the country in the hands of unwanted hands playing scam and bunglings and financials ghotaly, putting the public searching for foods now beyond the approach of their means.
Now the sensible perons may give thought off that perhaps Late Sanjay did was not bad.