Latest Trend: HOT for Teacher -nerd Look....Really?

When it comes to fashion and fitstyle. Most of us really want to know what is great for any occasion and with the latest in fashion trends like the colored hair which bring the punk look from the 90's back; We can also talk about the latest in the trends that in most cases people like celebs Traci Kochendorfer,
Justin Timberlake and others have brought in on the sexy look with HOT FOR TEACHER and NERD.
IN part lately Justin has been cozy with his new frumpy bride who recently made a headline on her frumpy attire after the wedding. Along with the NERD that sometimes Justin likes to protray with his plaids , hats and glasses seems like they are a match. justin timberlake and jessica biel in love
Not to include people like Britney Spears on the x-factor who gave her hot for teacher look with her glasses. In the trends of such. Nerd and frump is in? Not to include like the latest with Bradlely Cooperbradley cooper who is also known for his frump look and style of fashion which brings a major FITSTYLE look. It is nice to know that you can be in style with comfort now? Right? Looking Smart and although when it is right always be primped and proper...