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RepairHitting the nail on its head is important, but finding the right nail that won't bend is equally important.
and a stitch in time saves nine. Here are a few classics:A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush A day late and a dollar short A fool and his money are soon parted A job worth doing is worth doing well A penny saved is a penny earned A place for everything and everything in its place A watched pot never boils.
An enemy of my enemy is a friend2.Loose lips sink ships3.Take time to make time4.Too many cooks spoil the broth5.Too many Chiefs not enough Indians6.One for all, all for one7.Tighter than a fishes ass...or...Tighter than a drum8.Veni Vidi Vici (i think is the latin) I Came, I saw, I conquered (i think is the translation) 9.Time flys when your having fun10.Sweet as sugar?11.Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?