Let's make a pledge to our community

I'm not usually one to make resolutions, but 2010 feels different...hopeful and special somehow.
Each of you has helped firmly establish this Shine community. We have friendships, support systems,
and countless pages of user advice and discussions that's unmatched anywhere else on the web.
But I know we can make it even better! So with that, I pledge these things to our community for 2010.

1. I pledge to help users (new and old) write their first blog post.
Shine users are an amazing, intelligent, and informed bunch of people - just take a look at the comments under CamilleW's post, "How do you do 'healthy' on a budget". If you've only commented on Shine up to this point I'm here to encourage you to take the next step and write your first blog post. You've seen from other users that you can blog on just about anything. Try asking the community a question, share a personal story, or provide a random daily observation. Give it a try, We're here to support you, and most of all have fun! If you're already commenting regularly on Shine, you know that your efforts will be rewarded in kind. :)

2. I pledge to help everyone move up the virtual community ladder.
Let's work together to reach new levels on Shine, it's easy if we all pitch in. We'll roll out the welcome mat to newbies so they'll want to get more involved. And if you're an occasional blogger we promise to follow your blog posts and leave comments so you know we value your contributions and want you to blog regularly. As Shine regulars grow into leaders in the community we'll applaud their efforts as role models in blogging and good behavior. In turn, I promise to recognize more top users in our categories. We have a great deal of outstanding content and everyone should know who these users are!

3. I pledge to extend the olive branch.
Like any family we have our disagreements, but we should always be respectful of each other. We can only learn and grow if we're able to converse in a healthy and constructive manner. So let's start the year off right by letting go of old grievances, promise to listen to each other, and treat everyone respectfully when things get heated.

4. I pledge to offer goodies on Shine, starting right now!
I've got a stack of new books and I want to send them to you. If you've written a blog post that's related to one of these books I'll leave you a comment asking you to get in touch with me. And if you post a book review between now and January 31, 2010 you just might end up with a new book and one of our new Shine tote bags.

Are you with me? Leave your thoughts on how you can make a difference.