Letting Go

This was a week of reflections and exercising my ability to "let go". I'm gradually letting go of the idea that I will always be a "fat person" and I am acknowledging the true athlete inside. I am actually a healthy person working on releasing this shield. I'm playing basketball, paddling, running, hiking, swimming, and just having fun in this body. I eat whole/organic foods, drink water, and eat smaller proportions. Shannon might be hefty right now but she is really a lean mean fun living machine. This week I also tried something new: I am eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. So, that means that I have a heavier meal in the morning such a chicken/veggie personal pizza, salad/veggies for lunch, and a lighter carb in the evening such as a small bowl of cereal or bagel. I am dropping inches and pounds and sleeping better so I will continue this pattern for a while.

William Shakespeare said that "expectation is the root of all heartache" and I agree with him. In the past, I have been very attached to a particular outcome that I think "should" happen as a result of my efforts. It is becoming easier to release my expectations just by staying true to myself and how I spend my energy. I feel energetically balanced and I am exponentially more AMAZED at outcomes rather than disappointed. For example, when I started this journey with the Golden Door I had zero expectations for what the process would yield in my life. I knew that was going to experience a blissful week of self-care in a beautiful setting, but I did not expect to gain new friendships, a deeper connection to Spirit and ultimately embrace myself as a healthy whole being.

As I think about where I am now - I have come a long way. I was on the track to premature death, similar to my mom. Here is the last picture of mom with our family. Remembering mom's struggle, as well as the void her death brought into our lives, is a heavy reminder of the importance of taking care of my well-being. I am so grateful for the loving souls around me who lift me up to see my potential. Thank you Golden Door for being my bridge over troubled waters.

My Golden Door song, Bridge Over Troubled Water: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2dilb_bridge-over-troubled-water_music

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