Libraries and Gardens for All!

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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 2:47 PM EDT
Do you enjoy reading and gardening?

I sure do! I hope that you can try it out if you don't!!

I can't say that I will post often, but hope that you will check out my links below...

Check out some of my garden faves:

Native Plants of Texas [TAMU]

UT Texas Plant Image Archive

Texas Department of Agriculture [TAMU] Super Star Plants

Plants for Texas

Noble Foundation

Garden Web



Check out some of my library faves:

Texas Library Association


Brazoria County Library System

Harris County Library System

Houston Public Library System

Internet Public Library

Southeast Texas Gulf Coastal Plains

This area is full of basic (opposite of acidic) heavy, black clay soils called "gumbo clay" but is actually Montmorillonite clay.

It can be quite difficult to work with unless you ammend the soil.

I mostly use the following:

  • soil sulfur

  • organic humus

  • organic peat

  • shredded mulch (I like cedar)

  • raw vegetable scraps (no seeds)

  • Gardens Alive! products

Plants that do well here that I like:

  • anything that is full sun, heat, drought, & humidity tolerant

  • daylilies

  • irises

  • rain lilies

  • gladiloli

  • freesias

  • lorepetalum

  • gardenias

  • some roses

  • hibiscus

  • vitex

  • pine trees

  • oak trees

  • variegated chinese privet

  • tall grasses: purple fountain, etc.

  • bamboo

  • elm trees

  • pansies

  • lupinus texensis

  • sunflowers

  • zinnias

  • bananas

  • gingers

  • tube roses

  • aloes

  • foxtail ferns

  • elephant ears

  • society garlic

  • spinach

  • tomatoes

  • onions

  • potatoes

  • berries: strawberry, blackberry, and some others

  • poppies

  • other lilies

  • many flowering vines

  • salvias

  • coleus

  • lambs ear

  • daffodils

  • liriope

  • amaryllis

  • bird of paradise

  • daisies

  • many wildflowers