Lindsay and the Olsen Twins in Playboy?

Unless you were in a coma, you saw the sensation that was Lindsay posed as a naked Marilyn Monroe in New York magazine. Apparently the word spread so rapidly their website crashed from too many hits and the magazine made thousands in ad sales. Now, Hugh Hefner wants in on the action! The NY Post heard that Hef suggested La Lohan re-create a nude scene from Marilyn's unfinished movie "Something's Gotta Give" to grace the pages of Playboy. So will Linds give? Time will tell. In the mean time, the silk-robed ladies man has set his sites on an even bigger prize: the Olsen twins. "Hef thinks the twins are every young man's fantasy," a source tells Star. Mary-Kate and Ashley turned down his offer to appear in his magazine when they turns 18. Will they do it for Playboy's June issue when they turn 22? "They're all about high-end fashion these days," says the insider . "They want to do Vogue."