Lindsay Lohan adds “bad roommate” to her resume

Lindsay's friend/ex-roommate Courtenay Semel had to move out of their LA home because Linds is unbearably messy. The girls thought living together was be a good move since Courtenay's sobriety would be a positive influence on Lohan's hard-partying ways. A friend tells In Touch magazine, "they just can't live together," because Lindsay is a slob. Another former roommie jumped on the bandwagon saying, "Lindsay was always a mess. She had piles of clothes on the floor and on her bed all of the time." The upside to living with such a rich and famous friend? "She wouldn't care if people borrowed stuff from her," says the ex-roommate. "Lindsay couldn't keep track of anything, anyway." At least there's one perk to co-habitating! [In Touch]