Sure celebs are always decked out in the trendiest designer duds, but they have… what are they called again? Oh right, stylists. What do these girls know about actually designing clothes? Hopefully something, as we've just found out that The O.C. alum Rachel Blson is designing a junior sportswear line called Edie Rose for DKNY, Avril Lavigne has locked down a collection for Kohl's and secondary "character" Whitney Port of The Hills will be joining co-star L.C.. on the racks with her "cocktail and partywear" line called Eve & A. Sources say new mom Nicole Richie may have a maternity line in the works as well. But the latest deal really takes the cake-a line of leggings by Lindsay Lohan. We suppose this one is a no-brainer seeing as claims Lindsay recently wore leggings 21 days in a row. But hey, who's counting?