Love a Crooked Word!

Love is a crooked word because is has gone misunderstood for generations to generations. Love is always looked to be the most perfect, loving, word and an example of perfection with a great feeling that capture the heart of many men and women. A word that can be easily said than done, or even used to lie and scheme to get what one person want, out of a person, vunerbility for the use of a negative purpose.

Love is an misconcept because it has become based on condition and unconditions has been exempt. Love has been created unconditionally because it was given to everyone no matter what the circumstances or the heart or mind of the person. It was made to share in truth, honesty with a greater need of sincere compassion. Love has a deep rooted need to live for self as well as others to feed from the knowledge, and understanding of who you are and how you have developed as a human being.

But, allow me to speak about the self inspiration. Self is built from your self motivation, self caring, self gratification and most of all self love. Loving yourself motivates you to care enough about you to gratify your self by encouraging yourself to love who you are, no matter what. By taking care of you first and foremost. If you do not take care of those needs to live your life, then who will. Self will is a strength to carry you through tough disappointing times of hurt, pain and discouragements.

Encouragements, always help awaken your thoughts, by allowing you to know you can make it, do not give up on yourself, love who you are and where you are in your life, it will get better, if you just hold on to your faith and trust, that God promised a life, that you are living and life is a precious gift, so love your life.

Love should always be a strength, not a batterfield, it should be of peace and not a display of hurt, not of cruelty, but an aid. Love helps you go on to strengthen everything you touch. To make you more better than your failures. Love push you beyond your faults and cares for your needs.

Love is an outstanding tool to build your character and make you feel like you can conquer anything. Love makes you feel better about you, because it sees no faults and no errors. Love sees the deepest desires, inside you as a person. Love sees you bigger and much better than any failure. Love consoles you and builds you up when you feel down about life. Love influence a family in more ways than one, especially knowing if you have no one else you have your family. Love never see faults, it shows you that love stands by your side no matter what. Love gives when all else fails, it has your back to protect and shields you. Love displays affection, where and whenever it is needed.

Love is always truthful meaning, do not say it if you do not mean it. The Love my husband shows me is on a day to day basis. He not only says it he shows it without me have to ever ask for it. My husband is a King who treats me like royalty and no matter what, he shows me how beautiful I am daily. He shows me through my worst days and make my best days, my greatest days. My husband as a motivator speaker tell many men, love your wives, she is your good thing that obtain favor for your life to exceed to greater and extraordinary experiences of a life time. That will make you feel you are the most happiest man in the world.

I love my husband by showing him, his love for me is a perfect love, any woman can ever want in her life. This love is so real, I have to make sure, I'm not dreaming, by displaying my love for him everyday, with a smile, with a long kiss, with walks, to show him off, and speaking to him how I see him each day in different ways. He express so much to me that no matter what I do, I can not keep up with him. He is my inspiration a gift from God to eachother.

Through prayer God designed this love in a creative style, with a profound touch, of strength, and unconditions that spreads across this world so thick it can not be torn apart. Many things has tried but through it all our love spoke louder than any problem, issue, or negative feelings that anyone can ever display about our love for one another.

Remain in His Love, Have a Diamond Day!
TaNia Turner