In Love with L’Oreal Paris New Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

I've lived in Florida my whole life, and the sun has taken a toll on my skin. When I was asked to try and review L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, I jumped at the chance, because this is a product I've been thinking about buying anyway.

What it Conceals and Reveals

I used the number 814 Medium tone. The 1-ounce tube of product has a super-fine applicator tip, which made it extremely easy to apply small amounts of cream to a specific trouble spot, which for me is directly under my eyes and around my nose. I've been treating melasma (dark skin pigmentation) under my eyes for the past few months, and the skin tone is still uneven, with the added problem of being dry and easily irritated. Typically, I use a vitamin E moisturizer before applying corrector and then try to blend it into my foundation -- a time-consuming process that's both messy and inconvenient.

The L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream takes care of that problem easily because it combines the pigment with vitamins C and E. The Beautifying Beads in the cream contain pigment, which adjusted my uneven skin tone (due to sun damage and melasma) under my eyes. This removes the need to blend different concealers.

With just my fingers, I was able to easily blend in the product to my trouble spots, without the need for lots of extra bottles, tubes or tools. In other words, this little gem could replace about half of the products I normally carry around in my makeup bag.

Smooth Performance

Another wonderful benefit to the L'Oreal BB cream is that it doesn't leave telltale streaks and creases under my eyes like most concealers do. The point of concealer is to camouflage trouble spots without telling the world there's any product there doing it, which is why this one is superior to others, and why it earns its description as "Magic Skin Beautifier".

The texture is surprisingly light. My skin is left smooth not oily or greasy. It feels as good on my skin as it looks.

The best you can say of any makeup is that it enhances your beauty in a healthy way. I'm glad I tried this product, because it does what it promises to do: it primes, perfects, hydrates and corrects in one easy step.

This contributor was given a free sample of L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream.

Content by Kimberly Morgan.