The Love of Two Sisters!

My older sister and I once had an inseparable relationship when she and I were young little girls...

She was the Yin to my Yang. We had a few similarities such as we had the same humor. We even had the same taste in boys. There was a boy who lived a house down from us who was both our boyfriend at naturally different times in our elementary school life. We were like the three Musketeers. That same boy and I married some 20 years later and died in a Trucking accident two years ago. However, we both like to dance and love listening to music. We loved performing on stage and we both liked weird types of personalities. Also, we both like the under-dogs at school not the popular kids. We both embrace individuality.

I enjoyed me and my older sister attending the same elementary school. This way I could ensure that no one would bully her. I began obtaining a reputation after a few encounters of kids' endeavors to bully me. Later my sister mentioned how she would become nervous of all the fights I got into. Fear never entered my head; I was too angry of the life that existed at home for us to focus my attention on what ifs'. My love for my older sister was something out of a fairy tale. I could not ever imagine loving someone so much that I just can't live without them.

The tough part about me and my older sister's relationship is that she resented me for taking on the role of being the eldest sister; of course there is always bad that glean with the good. She didn't share that information with me until later when we were adult women.

She uses to ask me, "Why do you act like the oldest!" "I'm the oldest not you!" "Why can't you let me be the oldest?" Of course, my retort was, "Because you don't act like the oldest and Daddy told me to watch after you." Yes, we had several arguments about this issue for quite a few years. And, yes she resented me for an insurmountable amount of years for this as well as always bossing her around. The more I stood up for her the more she hated me.

One bad thing I must honestly admit I resented my older sister for was when she was continuously mischievous. We both got a whupping for her misconduct. This was due to my grandmother and father left me responsible for her behavior. This was so unfair to me because my older sister was a lair, disobedient and sneaky.

There were times she had stolen money from my grandmother and my dad, but in her defense, my grandmother and father didn't prepare a lunch for us to take to school or even give us money to buy lunch at school. So my older sister designated herself the duty to steal their money so that we could have lunch at school. We were always so hungry that this prompted her to becoming a thief so young in her life to the point that this behavior carried over into her young adult life, until of course she got nabbed (e.g. caught). So, due to my grandmother and my father's negligence to feed us I allowed this behavior a few times or so, but I did inform her that it was wrong and that she was not allowed to continue stealing. So, due to restricting her from stealing, she then stopped telling me the truth of how she obtain the money and decided to start lying about how she came across the money for our lunch; lying that she found money while walking home from school or to school. And for a long time I believe her until one day she confessed to me that she was still taking money from our dad and grandmother. I believe she felt guilty lying to me the way she did which was why she finally decided to come clean. What could I do? I was just a child myself. Secretly though, I took great pleasure in having lunch money a few times a week; at least now I wasn't hungry every day, just seldom.

She and I were also different in so many ways. For instance, I didn't like or trust people whereas she liked and trusted almost everyone. She desired to fit in and cared strongly about being accepted by the crowd whereas those thoughts never even occurred in my mind. She struggled for many years with low self-esteem whereas I was extremely confident and preferred being a brainiac any day verses possessing beauty. She wasn't the violent type whereas I would wage wars and was always ready for battle no matter who you were and/or what the consequences. She had some difficulties learning whereas learning come quite easy for me.

Yes, we were pretty different in many ways. One thing we did have in common for sure though was the love we had for one another as well as the love of two sisters and our tight niche bound we possessed. When we were preteens as well as young adults nothing or no one could ever separate us then and I mean nothing!

Thinking back to a time in high school my older sister was in the midst of fighting a level one gangster. I call him a level one due to his fighting skills was in serious need of some training. He and my older sister had the look of fear in their eyes. He had an average built for a teenage boy; he was a bit stocky and was average in height. I couldn't begin to tell you what the fight was about however, I look over to see why a crowd was gathering and realized it was my older sister with her fist up in the air ready to swing a punch. I rush over in a flash to take part in resolving the matter the best way I know how which was to get right in the middle of the fight and then take over. As I arrived on the scene of madness, my sister attempted to slap the teenage boys' cheek but he dodged the effort. She tried yet again to slap the other cheek and that attempt was unsuccessful. I saw my older sister becoming frustrated and even began crying I then proceeded to take off my flimsy sandal and commenced to smacking him upside the head with the shoe. He insisted not to fight me but to only deal with my sister as I proceeded smacking him upside the head with my sandal. I mentioned "if you fight with her you are actually fighting with me". He despised the ideal and walked away to retrieve assistants from the faculty. This humored me so much that I couldn't stop laughing even after being called to the principal's office. Of course, we were all given a long drawn out speech on our behaviors and suspended for three days. But that was of no consequence to me. I merely was rescuing my sister from humiliation. The only chatter that came from my sister was how she was unable to land one of her punches.

I recall another time when we were sent to our second foster-home and the foster mother mentioned she could only take one of us. Well, my older sister mentioned to them that "if they were to separate us she would run away from that foster-home and search high and low for me until she finds me." So, with that in mind they allowed us both to stay there together. They didn't want to run the risk of her possibly keeping her threat.

We were like Lavern and Shirley, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy. As you can see we were sillies and adored our bizarre personalities. We understood each other's jokes, sense of humor, and appreciated one another's innocence. We both made a vow that we would never grow-up and become serious adults.

We use to imagine our husband as children with the ideal of them being out there not knowing they were to be our husband one day in the future. She and I enjoyed being strange and different. There was a moment when we lived with my aunt who was my mothers' sister who eventually obtained custody for us by living with her gave us a sense of freedom able to become our unique selves. In reaching that level of comfort my older sister no longer required me around or even wanted me to concern myself with her teenage issues. Due to this division she sunk further and further into being a misfit in high school causing her not to finish her education.

I didn't graduate from high school either. My home life with my aunt became a bit too much like a bad movie for me to cope with anymore, so I had this outrageous fight with her which lead me to be kick out one night with nowhere to go, but the only solution left to my drama that night was to find my older sister because she wasn't home that night. She was all I had.

She was over a friend's house that evening spending a few days with her best friend at the time. I had no idea where her friend lived exactly. However, my older sister gave me some quick directions that were misleading but my guardian angel was with me that night. I said to myself the first house with a light on I was going to knock on the door. It just so happened, that the first house with the light on was the house my older sister was hanging out at.

A few days later my sister and I moved with her boyfriend who was a few years older than we were, so he had his own place. My older sister asked him could I stay with them for a while and for the first time in my life my older sister was behaving like my older sister. She express with her actions that she never stopped loving me and cared considerably for me.

Yeah, we were inseparable then, truly inseparable.