My Lover,.... Is Also My Killer (NOT a TRUE STORY) by Mya R

My name is Sabrina Rosh, I'm sixteen, I'm the biggest nerd on Earth, I have a single mother, Ruth, I never met my dad, my mom told me that he was abusive and he tried to beat her to death while she was pregenet will me. As far as I'm aware he got out of prison about nine years ago.
Anyways, I should probley get to the story.
December 6, 1998, I woke up to my alarm beeping loudly. I had gotten up still half way alsleep and walked to the kitchen while smelling waffles.
"Good Mornin' sunshine! How did you sleep''? My mom asked perky as always,
"How can you be so loud and happy when it is only seven a.m.?" I asked as I was sitting down getting ready to stuff my face with waffles.
"I have one word and one word only,.... coffie" My mom said chuckling and handing me a cup of coffie.
"Thanks" I say with a mouth full of waffles.
Time passed on untill I was so full I almost fell over.
At about 7:30 my best friend, Rose, and I met up at the busstop.
"Cute top!" Rose said
"Thanks, by the way, this is your top. You left it at my house when you were spending the night" I say smiling
"It did look like I have seen it from somewere, hehe, it looks cute on ya" Said Rose
"thanks again" I say
"So, you going to hang out with Neill?" Rose asked as if she didn't know Neill and I were dating
"DUH! We talked on the phone last night for like two hours!" I say giggling
The bus pulled up and Rose and I got on the bus rushing for the back.
"Awwww so cute!" Rose says blushing
"Yeah" I say
Once the bus had gotten to school everyone rushed inside their classes. The day dragged on and on untill the end of the day.
"Hey, baby" I texted to Neill
"Hey" He texted back
"Can I come over? I miss ya!" I texted back hoping he would say sure
"Yeah, but I'm sick, soo"
"Ok, I'll be over in like five"
"ok see you then"
Once I had reached his house his mom, Mrs.Net, greated me and took me to Neill's bedroom.
"Hey" I say as I am about to sit on his bed
"Hey, babe" Neill say's before he leans and kisses me on the top of the head
"Sorry you aren't feeling very good" I say frowning
"It's ok, just bad headache and stomache ache" He says sitting down on the bed
"Hey we should go to the movies on Saturday" Neill says excitedly
"Sure, what movie are we going to see?" I ask hoping for,"Blank Paper"
"Anything, but Blank Paper, I'm seriously not into chick flicks" Neill says
Great I think to myself, "How about Children of the Dark?" I ask
"Yeah, I heard it is a twisted movie" Neill says smiling creepy
"Don't smile like that, it's creepy" I say
"hehe" He says as he smiles normal
"So see you on saturday?" I ask
"Yeah the movie starts at nine, I'll come and pick you up and 8:30" Neills says,inbetween coffes
"I gotta go" I say standing up
"Ok, bye I loves you!" Neill says
I say,"I love you too," as I walk out of his room and to the front door.