Loving Seattle!

Today is a sunny, cool, windy day in Seattle. Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the Westin Hotel here in Seattle and once again our city leaders, King County leaders and state legislators were very accommodating, polite and professional. Of course, traffic was an issue, beautifully, there was nothing unseemly that happened. This is a source of pride for me as a citizen living in Seattle, Washington!

I enjoy living here because of the people, the top representatives and the environment. There are some negativity here of course, but generally this is a diverse, caring, answerable state to live in. We care in Seattle despite the impetus not to in the global world today. There are so many cruel, selfish people however, what we tend to forget about is all the truly lovely, caring, beautiful people there are.

They don't receive as much "buzz" as the horrid people, however on a day like yesterday, we get to be reminded of all the wonderful people that we have in this world. First Lady Michelle Obama reminds me to remember and honor those people, places and things. There are so, so many and I am truly grateful for that! What an amazing life this is and what amazing people we can experience this life with! Here is just a short list of what is happening in amazing Seattle this week:

First Lady Michelle Obama visited
This is Seattle Restaurant week where all the amazing cuisine is showcased
Poets showcase at the Convention Center in downtown Seattle
First Thursday Art-walk is this week for the month of October
Bank of America account holders get free admission to Seattle museums
Madonna performed in Seattle last night - by all accounts, it was a terrific show
Astronomy Day tomorrow at the Museum of Flight
The Next Fifty Celebration at Seattle Center (Space Needle)
The Great Egyptian Pharaohs showcased at Pacific Science Center
Nirvana is being showcased at the EMP

and it goes on and on...

We have our issues in Seattle and King County but overall it is a wonderfully amazing place to live and I am grateful to be here. Try to do something different and beautiful this week where ever you are. Remember that "first love" feeling you used to have about your city and revisit that in this month of October...you won't regret it.

Love what you Need.

St. Patrick's Day/Lenten Season - Puget Sound, Seattle, WA