Manage Your Life on Shine!

Hi everyone,

We have 2 Shine announcements.

First, get ready for the launch of the new Manage Your Life category on Shine! In these tough times, we wanted to bring you a one-stop-shop for time- and money-saving advice that touches both your home and work life. Dory Devlin, our Work + Money editor, will be running Manage Your Life and recently gave me the scoop on this exciting new channel. Here's what she had to say: "We are combining the no-nonsense, real-world advice of Work + Money and At Home's super useful DIY approach to making home life prettier and more organized to create Manage Your Life."

Second, we'll be incorporating entertainment information throughout all of Shine. You'll find posts about celebrity moms in Parenting and the latest celebrity detox/diet in Healthy Living. We think that integrating the Entertainment posts into other categories makes the information more relevant, meaningful, diverse, and different from what you're reading on other celebrity sites. While the Entertainment category will be removed, everyone's Entertainment posts will remain on Shine and moved to each user's blog page.

Here are some FAQs to help address any questions about these changes. Personally, I'm looking forward to our new Manage Your Life category and discovering unique ways to save money, organize my life, and spruce up my pad!

Have fun blogging, and I can't wait to read your favorite DIY or money tip under Manage Your Life.

Q. When will Manage Your Life launch and Entertainment go away?
A. Both changes will happen simultaneously, the first week of March.

Q. I currently have blogs in the Entertainment category. Will I need to do anything to move these posts to my own blog page?
A. You will not need to do anything. All Entertainment posts will automatically be moved to your own blog page when we remove the Entertainment category. Your post will continue to function like any normal post. It will be visible to our community and they can post their comments. All Entertainment posts will still show up in search results.

Q. What will happen to my posts that are in the At Home or Work + Money categories?
A. These posts will automatically be moved to our new Manage Your Life category. Of course, you are welcome to move your post to your own blog page or another category.

Q. What kind of posts will I find under Manage Your Life?
A. Look for posts that talk about saving money in tough times, cleaning when there's no time to clean, decorating on a tight budget, and getting (and staying) organized in every corner of our busy lives.
Here are some examples:
Making extra money without getting a second job
10 ways to decorate on a budget
Should you pay off debts or create an emergency fund?

Q. Which category should I select for posts that are Entertainment related when the Entertainment category goes away?
A. Select a category that is most relevant to the message of your post. For example, you might choose Fashion + Beauty for your post on how the stars were dressed on Oscar night.

Please be considerate of Shine readers who like to browse by category and pick your category wisely. Let's provide the best Shine experience possible! Don't drop your post just anywhere - Look at the "Related Topics" sub links under each category header to see what type of content fits under that category. If your topic doesn't really apply, then post to your blog page. When you select the "Only My Blog" category, your blogs appear in Chatter and everyone in the Shine Community can still comment on them. You might even get added traffic to your blog page as users read your other posts!
[Tip: Your blog page is a great place for family photos, personal diaries, and other personal messages. Learn more about writing a post here.]

Q. Will I be able to post and comment while these changes are taking place?
A. Yes. Shine will be up and running while these changes are taking place and you will be able to post and comment.