Mary-Kate attempts to slum it up at downtown hipster bar

Mark Mainz/Getty imagesMark Mainz/Getty images
New York is a city socially divided by neighborhoods. Uptown, you have the socialites, rich kids (think Gossip Girl), and wealthy men; while downtown is inhabited by 20-something dirty-looking hipsters, often times in too tight jeans and ridiculous hair cuts. In areas like the Lower East Side, it's cooler to ride up to a bar on a bicycle, rather than a town car, but that didn't stop Mary-Kate Olsen and crew from rolling up to hipster hangout, Sweet Paradise, on Sunday night via two black Escalades.

Forget hotspots like Beatrice Inn and Marquee! At 2 a.m. one stunned patron outside the bar said: "An Olsen just went in there." When asked which twin was slumming it up inside, the witness said, "I think it was the fat one." (Um. Whatever that means, jerk.)

Valiant effort, MK. Perhaps next time leave your $5000 designer handbag at home for a less assuming look. A canvas tote would've sufficed. [NY Post]