Matter of Heart

Faith is the matter of heart. That's what told to me by one of my friend and I am totally agreed with him..
Nobody have the right to force us to believe in something we couldn't believe and nobody don't have the right to judge and determine our place in afterlife no matter how holy or high their place in society because they are not God.

To me, no matter what religion you are or no matter how high you think your religion righteousness, we don't have the right to simply say that someone is going to hell just because she/he is outcast because we are not GOD.. To me, not even a holy religion reference such as Bible or Quran have the power to determine our place in afterlife except God. Yeah, people said those book are holy and it's basically God command but to me, those book are a reference, to differ between bad and good, not a ultimate or definite word by God because all of this book were re-write from generation to generation, so the possibility that bias might happened.

I am not good in religion but I do believe that God exist, that heaven and hell is exist, that angels and Satan is exist and I do believe that every good deed will be rewarded and every bad one will get punishment. The only thing I don't agreed is people obsession in judging others base on what they read (on their own comprehension) and their ability to condemn people just because those people are not following what is written in the holy books.

This is just my honest opinion and I don't intended to humiliate anyone or any parties.. Please do not send people to preach about religion to me because I do believe in God..