Meet Emily Mencken

Mom Emily struggles with overspending, hoarding, and -- in her words -- dressing "schlumpy."

Marc RoyceMarc RoyceEmily Mencken was featured on the first episode of Real Simple's new lifestyle makeover series on TLC, "Real Simple, Real Life." Learn more about the show at and check your local listings for the show schedule.

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Age: 35

Home: Pasadena , California

Job: Stay-at-home mom

Family: Married to Scott, 41, with three children, daughter Katie, 3, and twins Josh and Nate, 1

My life is…
Happily chaotic; busy to slightly overwhelming with moments of sheer bliss.

I believe…
I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I love my life. I just wish I could get ahead of the mess.

I exercise…
Does changing a diaper on a squirming baby count? If not, then never. Can't fit it in, but, boy, do I need to!

I describe my style as…

Dinnertime at our house is…
Hectic, spread out, messy.

I drive a…
Minivan. Love the convenience. Hate the stigma.

One thing that's currently on my to-do list"•but might not get done"•is…
Sew a button onto Scott's shorts. (Two years and counting…)

One thing that's on my to-do-one-day list is…
Make homemade gifts and clothes, learn to sew, and start a business on

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