Men's Guide for Gift-giving This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again, and we know how stressful it can be to pick out the perfect gifts for the women in your life. Men, read on: Here's our ultimate gift-giving guide for all the ladies in your life.

Gift ideas for your wife or fiancé
Whether you've been married many years or you're newlyweds or you're about to tie the knot in the coming year, there are a few foolproof gifts your love will love. A simple, engraved bracelet or pendant would make a beautiful, meaningful gift option. Think about engraving something significant that happened in the past year such as a trip you took or a new home you bought together. You could also add the year to the engraving so that she cherishes the gift for years to come.

If she doesn't wear jewelry, give her a day at the spa and go together. Or, sign up for a cooking class and tell her you'll be going with her. Pick an activity you know she would love and do it together.

Gift ideas for your mother
Think about what your mom loves the most and consider a gift-of-the-month club. Anything from wine and gourmet foodie clubs to flower or candle gifts. Most monthly clubs offer anywhere from 3- to 12-month long subscriptions.

Gift ideas for your grandma
This year, gift your grandma something special and luxurious. A new cashmere robe paired with matching slippers is something she will enjoy all winter. Or, pick out a neutral tone shawl that she can wear over a dress or as a scarf.

Gift ideas for your mother-in-law or stepmother
Not sure what to get your stepmom? Go for something simple and useful: Try a simple countertop herb garden kit or a coffee table book about something she enjoys. She may also love a small package of gourmet coffee or tea or a box of local chocolates.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend
If you've just started dating, go for something thoughtful, but not over-the-top. Get her a manicure gift certificate to a local salon. Or, take her for hot chocolate and ice skating or a drive to gaze at holiday lights.

If you're stumped for something to give your long-time girlfriend, surprise her with a romantic dinner and holiday event in your town. Or, cook her dinner at home and pick up dessert and movies she'll love. If you want to go for something traditional, give her jewelry or a new pajama set for winter.

Gift ideas for your female friend
Need a gift for a co-worker or childhood friend? Consider giving her two tickets to a sporting event or play that's in town. Or, give her a gift card to a local wine bar or restaurant that you know she frequents. If your schedules permit, take her out for casual dinner sometime during the week. It will give you a chance to catch up with each other amid a predictably busy time of year. As always when celebrating this holiday season, remember to be responsible and safe. Read about the Anheuser-Busch pledge to drink responsibly.