Michelle Obama on how she met Barack

We sat down in Chicago recently with future First Lady Michelle Obama and talked about life in the media spotlight, her best mom moments-and her husband's biggest hope. Here, she gives us the scoop on how she first met the future President.

Good Housekeeping: Talk to me about when you first met your husband. I know you didn't fall hard immediately. But when you did fall in love with him, what were the qualities that you fell in love with?

Michelle Obama: When I first met him, I fell in deep like. And I didn't expect to like him, because his background seemed so different. My reaction was like many reactions of people when you hear categories, names. He's biracial. He grew up in Hawaii. He lived in Indonesia. I thought, "We have nothing in common." But then we actually started talking. And right off the bat, not only was he handsome, but his life was so similar to mine in terms of the values. He was honest. He was friendly. He was approachable. He was humble. He cared about his family, talked a lot about his experiences. In so many ways, he was very familiar to me. Right off the bat, I said, "This guy can be my friend. We're going to be friends." And it was later on, when he pressed for a little more than friendship, that's what I pushed away from. Because I thought, you know, we're working together.

GH: You were his supervisor initially?

MO: I was his summer adviser - which is pretty lightweight. But he was persistent.

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out what Michelle Obama says are her husband's best qualities, and how her daughters have handled the intense media spotlight.

What do you think of the future First Lady? Will she be like Hillary, or more like Laura? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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