misery loves company but you don't have to be it

They're moments that we adapt to certain friendships, relationships
because out of comfort or fear of being alone
but even when having certain people in your life they can bring out
the worst in you
like a bad mojo
because if you notice their actions are screaming louder than their words
it's freakin sad that even you closest "friends" are the worst
whether they lack confidence that you have
or just because they want to see you miserable
you have to take control of your life and cut people that
don't deserve to be there
and the hardest thing to do is let go
I didn't ever have the best relationships with my parents however being a parent myself of 4 kids
I would do anything to make sure that i have a closer bond with my kids
recently i have found out some disturbing details about my father
that i won't say however when i confronted this information to my mother
she too hurt me in the worst way possible
by not believing me
and justifying for it
i felt such disappointment and a big chunk of confusion
if i can't trust and confide in my own parents how do i deal with other people?
i took some time to search within me for that answer: and it's that in life trust is earned not given
and that my parents are human and aren't perfect
and i have to not take it personal and go about my life being the best that i can be
with the choices that i make
it's all up to you to make the right choice for you
don't be misery's company