Mistaking Kindness for Weakness

As we travel through life, we find that "if " we are sometimes helpful and giving to others , they mistake our "Kindness for Weakness." They do not understand that we feel (deep inside) we are to care for our neighbors, friends and family. Sometimes we put our selves out on a limb,to come to their assistance, maybe we should be like the aveage "jane or joe" and turn our backs, look the other way, and not look at the man in the mirror--( Michael Jackson's true song of the 80s or 90s).

Trying to help others, could make one become very unfeeling, self-only serving, but one main thing that really hurt your ego, is for the people that you do help, they are too sorry to say " Thanks, I appericate all that you do,"because you did not have to, Ah, sucks, why not just toss them aside, but pray that what they recieve is what they deserve...Remember you " reap what you sow"

Chose your friends very carefully, some will be there when you need them,, but most will scam, lie, cheat and even steal your friendship and maybe even your "heart"