"Most Men Live Lives of Quiet Desperation "

The title of this article was spoken by Ralph Waldo Emerson and up till now that has been the case. By now
I mean the birth of the OWS movement. Finally, the young people in this country are waking up. They realize that unless they do someting they will be doomed to pay for the many,many sins of our generation. They know that the older generation,republicans in particular are trying to sell our demacrocy to the highest bidder.They, OWS, have forced America to take a closer look at itself. What we have seen ain't pretty. Since the legal election of President Obama this country has started to turn itself inside out. America is and always has been one of the most racist countries in this hemisphere. We pretend to be such a democratic and caring country. but in reality, it's all a front, at least that use to be the case. Now though, since Obama took office, the gloves have come off. No more mister nice guy. Back when the teaparty stepped into the fray, that's when we really started to slide headlong into the abbiss of overt racism. The biggots could hold their hatred no longer. During the time of those teaparty Townhall meetings people were screaming that they wanted their country back. Were they saying they wanted things the way they were before Obama was elected, back to the the good old days of Goerge junior and his cronies. Do they really want to go back to not being able to get insurance if they have a pre-existing condition and no chance of getting a job because the econmy was going in the tank. The only conclusion that I can come up with is they don't really want to go back but, what they really want is for Obama to leave. They don't care that he has done nothing wrong. He has done everything he can to drag us back from the brink of destruction. On the other hand, racism is not based on logic.In fact, racism is a form of innsanity. There are no logical reasons for the hatred that exists in this country. Ask a biggot why he hates the people that he hates, I meant he in the universal sense, I can almost garuantee that what comes as a reason will not be based on anything but what he believes and not, in most cases, anything that happened to them personally.Most of them watch tv programs and listen to radio programs that pump nothing but hate speak like sewage 24/7. They listen to and watch programs from Rush, and Bill O'Riley and all the Fox noise propaganda crew to help justify their reason for believing what they believe. Here's a proven fact,"people who get their news exclusively from Fox news(noise) are less informed than people who don't watch the news at all". There is an old saying,"ignorance is bliss" but, "a little knowlege is a dangerous thing". In other words, if you get most of your information for sources like Fox noise or Bill O'Riley or Rush Limbaugh you're probably a Redneck and you're too damned closed minded to know that you're closed minded. Oh, don't get me wrong, some of my closest friends are Rednecks.......just kidding. Unfortunately, Rednecks,racists or biggots or whatever you call them, believe that they have some type of manifest destiny to be masters of the universe and that only they have the right to be in control of everything and everybody. Even though they hate Jews they try to identify with a Jew, namely, Jesus a Jew. They say they hate people of color yet, they lay around in the boiling sun for hours risking skin cancer attempting to get a tan. White women spend thousands of dollars and endure hours of discomfort in a effort to get fuller lips by getting injections in thier lips. At the same time, they make negative comments about the lips of black people. My point is.....it's illogical. Why would you want to look like people you supposedly hate? You can't say it's something like Stokholm syndrome.You were never captives of people with dark skin or thick lips. You were never subjected to the degredation and humiliation of 400 years slavery and all that that entailed. So why would you want to take on some of the physical traits of the people you hold in such low regard. Answer,racism and racism is not based on rational thinking. But I digress, my point is, this is a racist country and it's never going to change as long as people like Mitch Maconal and Paul Ryan are here to keep this run-away train barreling down the track full throtle with no brakes. If the Teaparty racist get thier way, things will get much worse than they were before Obama took office. The irony of this whole situation that we find ourselves in is, it really doesn't have to be this way. We have all been set up. It's called "divide and conquer". What people fail to realize is that there's enough money, goods and services for everyone in the country, in this world for that matter,to have a reasonably good life. There is not a shortage of wealth or money or housing or food, not really. The truth is, we've all been had, we've been lied to, manipulated and treated like children. I hate to belabor a point but, and I'm sure tnat there are those among the few people who read this blog, but the OWS movement was our wake up call. It's time to start paying close attention to the people that we vote into office. Prime example, the 2010 mid-term elections. Nobody was paying attention and look what happened, Frankenstien's monster was created in the form of the Teaparty and you see how well that worked out. It was the perfect storm, the economy was sliding into the toilet, Republicans took control of the House and a Black man in the Whitehouse. We can either keep accepting the lies that we are being fed about a trickle down economy where if we give the Rich enough tax breaks and that includes subsidies for the oil companies, the economy will miraculously spring into life, or we can pull our heads out of the various orifaces that we've had them stuck for all these years. Then we need to pay attention to the people who are really holding this country back. That will necessitate getting rid of your preconceived, unsubstantiated hatreds and listen with an open mind and an open heart. On the other hand, maybe that's asking too much.