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"These Blogs or excerpts are posted to show the world what I teach and mentor in my Mentoring program titled Men 101."The core of the class is to allow men to express themselves, talk about everyday life, and is designed to teach men that their current way of thinking may be wrong, because of incomplete or inaccurate information about themselves! If you have any positive input I can share with the 150 men I teach. I welcome all emails and letters! Thank you.


PURPOSE: To share with the world what I teach and educate to incarcerated men,and their families!

FOCUS: Sharing with the world what is talked about in a prison mentoring program.

REASON: With 2.3 million incarcerated individuals and the majority being men, it's time to Educate and get men to put their pride to the side and start acting more mature. To teach men to take life more seriously and stop "just going through the motions."

CAUSE: To help motivate,and educate men to understand the importance of being better,fathers,husbands,sons,brothers, grandfathers,uncles and friends!

EFFECT: The class and blogs provide useful information and can help families and inmates learn to be better in the way they think,support, and love,one another and begin to understand what life is truly about,that no-one is perfect!

CONCLUSION: Hopefully men will open their minds and understand the only way to change is to change their core beliefs, mindset, and expand their context or values. Hope you enjoy my blogs along with the discussions that I've turned into excerpts..

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