Newly Discovering Hidden Desires to Inspire Others

Be Your Best and Empower others to Be Their Best

So there I am starting my first post in my Empower Blog, and just the word EMPOWER resonates with me. It brings forth the feeling I have inside to inspire others to Be Your Best. If you become a fan you will not only see me reference this idea and KEY PHRASE often but hopefully also come to understand why. Understanding why well that is easy, I deeply truly have always wanted to help others. I helped the kids that were getting picked on and bullied in school growing up, even though I was being picked on and bullied right along side them. Some how I was able to realize this was just a temporary thing and although yes it hurt a little bit and left me confused, I realized something, and the thing I came to understand about myself is the same thing I have always tried to live my life by, and it is this: NO matter how BAD things get or are or seem for me, there is always someone whom I can help, assist, guide or just be a friend to. Often times that translates to "There is always gonna be someone worse off than you". So when I would share a caring suggestion or just listen, why then guess what, not only would I feel better but I would get to see them brighten up even if just a little bit and maybe even smile at me. I tell you I want to inspire people to smile and I want to feel their smiles knowing I am sharing what I hope and truly believe will make them the best they can be. So thanks for reading my introduction post and be on the look out daily as I post about what I have discovered and wish to share. BE YOUR BEST ... CHEERS
Bruce Here is smiling back at you!