Old Hindi couplet that is stll valid for uprising feelings in youths"CHAL CAHAL RE NAV JAWAAN, TU AAGEY BAREH JAA AAFAT SEY LAREH JAA...

CHAL CHAL RE NAV JAWAAN TU AAGEY BAREH JAA, Aafat sey larey jaa. Aandhi ho yaa Tufaan. Fatt taa Ho AAsamaan, Fir bhee Baraah Kaddam, Ruknaa terra Kaaam Nahee Aur Chalnaa Terree S haan ,CHAL CHAL REY NAV JWAAN..
tHIS WAS THE COUPLET IN 19 40s thatwas the source to give push to the youth who got ready to fight the enslavement of ours by the Britishers.
Now again the time has come for the youths to arise and fight the sudden conditions that have made the lives of the majority of our population into the grip of poverty and sufferings in fiunancial and health and education due to the neglet by those who were busy for globalization and unknoiwingly getting millions oif rupees transferred to out side our Bharat Varsh