One Heck of a Day


Spent the day working as usual. Trying to take my mind off of things I would rather had never appeared in my life in the first place. But hey, thats life. It was there for me to face and I was lookijng it dead in the eye. I had been hiding my work from my family for a long time. For good reason. And After my 32 years of mad fury expolding as big as the fireworks on the 4th of July, I was going to continue to. I had mentally gained my idependence on this past Independance day. How ironic is that? Needless to say, it has surelly left a hells fury amongst my family and I. I had always thought that they couldn't handle or tolorate me any more than I could with them. Hey we all tried, but we do make an intresting mix. To my hearts awearness, I was surely the salt that would lead to my familys stroke. No Problem. We all have our place, and some times my family can only take a pinch of me and I to them. None the less, I had to move forward. I had to know and understand that life was always grand with its ray of many color of emotions and lessons. This where my story began. Right there in the library. Where I decided to share my story. Clear my mind.