Onions import &exports is if not a bluff then why not in anticipation held early?

If the Agricultural Marketing Advisor of the Government Of India have been more alert and had plans to meet the Shortage of Onions then Why not the action taken to import or Export the onions before the shortage did occur and affected the middle class and the below poverty line public. Is it not deliberately to harass the persons so as to detract them from the doings of so many scams and bungling in financial activities in India before the eyes of the Government.. It looks like the British rule ,that a famine is the answer of the demand for freedom and better living standards ,that did occur in 1940s in Bengal. The circumstances also show that the raise in petrol price and not in deseie prices is also to give the jerks to common men And if not the above factors then it is definitly the mode of working to wait for the public to cry and then theb deaf nears of them may hear for what is the trouble now for them to be alert though much late.