Online Dating Questions.

Here are some questions for both guys and girls:

When you're online dating, do you look at all of the pictures first and then the profile? Or do you look at the main picture, read the profile and then look at the rest of his pictures?

I wonder because when I began online dating years ago (thank goodness I am out of the dating rat race now, it's painful), a lot of guys emailed me that clearly didn't match up with my wants - or even their wants.
For example, one man said in his profile that he absolutely hated cats. My profile indicated that I had two cats - and I mentioned them both in my introductory paragraph. But he emailed me anyway, saying that he loved my profile and felt that we were a great match. I read his profile, was a bit shocked, and decided to respond, anyway. I told him that I had two cats and asked if he was suddenly okay with feline companions. He wrote back indicating that he really did not read that far into my profile and wasn't interested in meeting someone with cats. (Yes, that's plural. I have two!). And I thought - "Wow, that's really sad."

Also, I remember that when I was 25, I would always get messages from much older men - sometimes 45+. Even though I clearly stated that I wanted to meet someone around or under 30. What's up with that?

Tell me your stories. I'd love to hear them!