Online Flying Simulators Getting Popular

I think boys dream is to become aviators .. NO! Please! Do not tell your son wants to be a cop .. :) So, repeating the idea, besides that I was dreaming to become a professional pilot as those of JAG, I still feel passion for airplanes and I do not miss opportunities to climb on a plane whenever I am able to do it.

If however
you are so fond of airplanes that you would buy your own plane if you could afford it, I will help you accomplish your dream. Ah, no, unfortunately I can't give you money to buy a plane, but I offer the most realistic flight simulator where your mission is to pilot the plane without incident.

You can fly different planes to improve your style and learn to control different
passenger aircrafts to the most powerful and fast fighters.

Virtual Pilot 3DVirtual Pilot 3D , the successor of Flight Simulator X is one of the best flight simulators that are getting popular among flight simulators available for pc or mac . Released by Microsoft 3D Pilot earlier this month, looks and feels even better than I thought!

In the nearly two weeks that have passed since I installed it, I must admit, I could not hold temptation to open it whenever I had a little free time!
I especially like
the fact that it can be easily controlled with the mouse and keyboard, unlike the Microsoft Flight Simulator (yes, it's another game), which focuses on technical realism and therefore you can control it without a Joystick .

Additionally,Virtual Pilot 3D seems more fun and thanks to the wide range of missions designed specifically for the player, you can really enjoy the experience of flying aces without worrying about technical issues, weather conditions and other factors probably important in a training school for future pilots. In other words, if you want to fly, fly and point!
VirtualPilot3D is designed to be 100% real with real scenery, real cockpits and real aircraft! Fact is, no other flight simulator in the market beats this for sheer realism .