Out of the Freakin' Fryin' Pan, Into the Fire!

The Fed just informed the American people that they can look forward to 50 per cent unemployment. We could finally get out of the foreign wars, just in time to fight a civil war. I know what the union-management wars are all about. When management says, "Let them eat cake", management means, "Let them eat dung!" Colleges can be no more than holding tanks to earn a glorified degree in cleaning toilets, or be a supervisor for those without degrees to clean toilets. Now, how about some meaningful jobs for all of us! If we're to avoid a nation wide union-management war, we'll have to get each polarized side to talk to one another. This is where the middle manager can fit in. The middle manager has to fit a square peg into a round hole, and do it without cross-pressure. The open and shut case of the computer just won't work. The middle manager has to hear it from either side and find a solution on a daily basis. I know, been there, done that. I lost my job too. So when the country is ready to work out its problems again, it can rehire its middle managers to interact with the top and bottom and find workable solutions. Or face a civil war.