Pastor Silas Malafaia Resign CGADB Vice-Presidency

The Pastor Silas Malafaia, in your broadcast television, the program Victory in Christ -
announces his resignation on May 2010, from the General Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil - CGADB as a vice-president,
where he belonged since he was anointed as a pastor.

He states that do not want to divide the denomination Assemblies of God
but he quits motivated by a vision from God.
and he will not give up to this vision, in detriment of human institutions

Also, he reveals that is tired of being part of church policy's.

Also, without saying the reason of your resignation from the Assembly of God, he tells that only the time will bring the answer of why of his output from CGADB.

He warns that he is not asking for any leaders from the church to follow him,
and will not tolerate leaders leaving the denomination to be at his side, and, perhaps, he may return in the remote future for the State Convention of the Assemblies of God ( not the General convention one, but for his Rio States Assembly of God Convention ).

Pastor Silas Malafaia, is the pastor president of the Assemblies of God Victory in Christ ( former Assembleia de Deus do bairro Penha, no Rio )

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