Several colleges have contacted me and suggested I go back to school. But they charge anywhere from $250 to $525 per credit hour. Back when I went to college years ago, school cost $20 per credit hour.

The counselors advised me to take out a student loan. But how much sense does it make to be mired in debt to pay for school at age 58? Back in my day we could work all summer to pay for school all winter. I was told repeatedly that for a better paying job, I'd have to have a paper qualification.

I've got seven eights of a degree and loads of Alaska field experience. I've also done 20 years of volunteer community service in the field of mental health. I've also published a book. Just what the hell are they looking for? School doesn't look reasonable at all.

I finally said, "Look, if I'm going to school, I need a way to pay for it. I'm currently waiting on the results of my book. Then I'll consider going back to school." They fell silent.

By the way, the name of the book is, "The Great Alaskan Quake, First Hand, and Other Cups of Coffee, the True Alaskan Connection", by Loyd L. Peck (Publish America, Baltimore, MD). It is very exciting reading!