What Pinterest Can Do for You

Okay, so you have a knockout web site, Facebook page, Twitter account with a respectable amount of followers, and maybe even a blog. You're totally connected to the social media world, right?

There's a new kid in town that's helpful for all businesses, especially those with a more female target audience, like the facial rejuvenation and beauty industry.

If you're not taking advantage of Pinterest, you're missing out. What is it that interests people the most on Facebook, Twitter and your web site anyway? Pictures. Photos of beautiful people who could be your clients - if they take advantage of your services.

What Can You Pin?

Pinterest is an online clipboard that has taken the realm of social media by storm. You've probably seen friends posting their latest and favorite Pinterest picks on Facebook and Twitter already. Maybe you have a personal Pinterest account. Don't miss out on how you can utilize virtual scrapbooking to help build your business' reputation.

If you're in the business of beauty, health, fitness - or really anything where there are superficial results- pin about it. Gorgeous professional images of your clients or shocking before-and-after collages (with client's written permission, of course) speaks volumes.

How is This Different Than Images on Web Sites?

People love to share what they find on Pinterest. They could be searching for specific Pins that your images might show up on. If you're really committed to pinning away, you can get a solid group of followers - which can lead to more clients.

Basically, people might be very impressed by images on your website but only those specifically seeking it out will find it. Don't let those photos, which speak volumes, be limited. Share what your business does on the site that is all about images. Who knows where it can lead?

Pinterest Wants to Help

A free gallery where people are constantly liking and repinning your images? Nothing is better - and Pinterest knows it.

The site is all about helping you succeed. The Pinterest business page is constantly gathering information and tips to help you market your business on Pinterest. Have specific questions? You can contact the business department directly. It's a win-win for everyone.

There's Still an Investment

Pinning might be technically free, but just like building other social media and web presence, it takes time. Make sure your business and other online presence is connected to Pinterest.

Spend a few hours - or days - building up a quality board and mapping out what you'll be pinning about tomorrow. Start liking and repinning photos from potential clients or those in a similar industry (but not direct competitors). You're building a new presence from scratch, so do it right the first time around.

If you're a retailer, avoid the temptation to only pin products you have available. Pin about helpful related topics, tips to customers, inspirational quotes or anything else that might be interesting.

This is not a sales platform. It is a place to share, inspire and connect.