Plan a Midweek Ladies' Night Out

Taking time out for yourself can be a great reward for being a hardworking wife and mother. With weekends packed with family and home activities, you may never get a chance to see your girlfriends! Give yourself (and your girls) a midweek break by planning a ladies' night out. Even a once-a-month standing date with your girlfriends can boost your mood and give you much-needed "me" time you deserve.

Here are 5 surprisingly different ladies' night out ideas:

1. Take a workout class together
Too often friendships revolve around heavy dinners or brunches - why not lighten things up and try a group workout together instead? Yoga is a perfect way to relax and tone your muscles. Yoga studios are popping up on every corner; most have drop-in class rates. Try a heated yoga class if you're looking to sweat a little, too. Make sure you leave time for a 15-minute chat with your friends before or after class. Or, take a nice, long walk around a park so you can really catch up on life!

2. Dig in to the sale racks
Midweek is a great time to hit the discount department stores or outlets that are crammed on the weekends. Grab your favorite shopping buddies and head out for a couple of hours of retail therapy together. You don't need to buy anything to reap the benefits of a few hours of girl time! Try on a dress you would never consider buying; or, rifle through the clearance shoe section for a perfect pair of new flats.

3. Warm drinks and decadent desserts
Gather your people at tea shop, coffee house or even a late-night diner. Something as simple as a cup of Lipton Hot Black Tea and a big cookie can take the edge off a hectic week. If your conversation turns to crazy husband stories or stressful work venting, change the tone and bring up something happier! Reminiscing about fun parties or trips you've taken together is a great mood-booster.

4. Schedule a mini-mani
Set up a midweek appointment at a nearby salon that's open late. Many nail salons offer a basic manicure involving a little nail-shaping and a polish change. Spring for the full spa manicure every once in a while so you can catch up on your celebrity gossip magazines while waiting for those nails to dry!

5. Do something different
Break out of the typical drinks-and-dinner routine and try something different. Take a sewing class. Plan your dream trips in the travel section of the bookstore. Learn a new cooking skill. Lace up your skates at an ice rink. No matter what you attempt, if you're with your favorite friends, you'll have fun trying!

A midweek ladies' night out is the perfect escape from the routine of everyday life. Treat yourself to a little fun once a month with your friends and come back to your "normal life" energized and ready to tackle anything life throws at you!
Content by Tracy Robert.