Pretty Hair Without the Salon Visit: Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer

One of the reasons I look forward to my day at the salon is the incredible blow out my hair gets. Somehow, my stylist manages to coax my thin hair into a beautiful style-sometimes sleek and smooth or maybe wavy and "beachy" (my favorite). It looks fantastic, that is until I have to shower and start over. Then my hair returns to its normal wimpy appearance. Blame it on my 30's, okay 40's or my unhealthy relationship with hair extensions, (thank God that's over) or maybe just too much hair color. Who knows but now that's all over. I've come to the realization that I can get a better blow out, without a salon visit just by changing my blow dryer.

I love the beachy hairstyle!

Prior to getting my hands on the Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer, I gave little thought to what blow dryer gun I held in my hand. When one died, I simply replaced it with another, probably one I found at the local pharmacy or department store. However, now that I've tried this baby and experienced that fantastic blow out at home, I won't go back. Check out some of the swanky features of this hot machine.

It's a "smart" blow dryer. This particular model has an Auto Sensor. When activated, it shuts off when you lay it down.

Boy, howdy is it fast! I get a complete blow out in less time.

The tourmaline-boosted ceramic system (I know huh?) gives you "good" heat, the non-damaging, ionic kind.

It has a cold shot button that "finishes" my hairdo. Once you finish the blow out, hit the button and it gives my hair a glossy finish.

Choose which speed and heat setting you want. You've got six to choose from for goodness' sake. That's a lot of choices.

You can clean the filter! Yep, it has a magnetic, removable filter. Clean it occasionally to keep the machine in good working order.

The Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer

Okay, so I'm not an expert hair stylist but I love playing with this machine. It feels a bit hefty in my hands, (which I like) and it takes some getting used to but I'm having fun. Today, I got to try the diffuser, (it comes with two attachments) and I am impressed. My thin hair looks fuller, wavier. I can't wait until summer!

For the record, I don't work for Rowenta or Ulta which is where you can buy this machine. If you're looking for a new blow dryer, consider this one. It looks gorgeous but better still, it will make you feel like a hair pro. It costs $159.99 but it lasts up to 1600 hours of usage. I love it!