Hey it's Cierra. And I am freaking out right now. Well on 11-15-12 I was getting ready for school like I do everymorning. So after I got dressed I was walking into the kichen to fix some breakfast. I opened the Rigde door to get some orange juice. And when i got it i set it on the table. Then heres the part were i get scared. So I here 3 POPS. And when I turn around, the orange juice top was poping up and down. I ran to my room. And I called my mom and told her. After I did that i waited intill it got alittle lighter outside. I walkedback into the kichen and turn the juice out agian. And it started POPING . " I ganna tell papa! " I said . But as soon as he came out it stoped. Not Fair!

I dont know whats going on but i dont like it. Well if there are anymore " ghost" inconters You will be the first to know.

*~Cierra Out ~*