Prom Night

Well, prom is almost here and I'm totally excited but what's keepin my spirit a litte bit low is that my boyfriend has junior officers (aka homegirls who have thir boyfriends) watching me incase I dance with another boy at the prom and the thing I can't stand about it is that my boyfriend keeps asking me who am I going with and I keep telling him over and over and over again that I'm either going with my friend Jessica or with a group of kids and right now he is pissing me off everytime I bring it up!

I know he loves me very much and cares for me and I even understand that he wants to be with me forever but, it's my prom night and I want to make a memory of it and the thing is, I just want him here where I live and want him to come to my prom night and maybe just maybe we could kiss under the stars at night.