How to Promote Online by Darlene Pitts, Author of 'Let's Talk Intuition'

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Darlene Pitts is an intuition consultant, speaker, and author of two books: Discover Your Intuition andLet's Talk Intuition. She is also the creator of the "Abundant Living Cards" designed to help people use their intuition to create financial success.

She discovered her own intuition in 1994, after an angelic encounter during sleep and several prophetic dreams. She teaches people how to use their intuition in twenty-eight areas of life, including career, finances, health, personal relationships, and spiritual growth. Her mission includes spreading the joys and benefits of living the intuitive way.

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How to Promote Online

by Darlene Pitts

The Internet offers many avenues for non-fiction and fiction book promotion for new and longtime authors. It also provides a worldwide audience with the potential to reach millions of readers for your book. Determine which avenues to take to maximize book sales.

First, set up your own website or blog site. Include your bio, your book's front cover image, description, and buyer links, and an updated events calendar. The latter lists your book tours, seminars, webcasts, and other physical and virtual appearances. I do this for both of my books: Discover Your Intuition and Let's Talk Intuition. Contact Internet TV and radio show hosts, podcast hosts, and blog site hosts to conduct interviews for your book. To find hosts looking for guests, use an Internet search engine like Yahoo or Google. Two great websites are and Prepare to answer standard and offbeat questions from hosts and sometimes their call-in audience. In this first step, prospective readers will learn about you, your book's contents, your writing process, and your book publishing experiences.

Social media sites are plentiful; some support a larger user community than others. I suggest joining Twitter to post tweets and Facebook to post details about your book and upcoming appearances. Include engaging images and videos related to your book. For more promotions, reuse your images, as appropriate. Upload them to other websites, such as to share things you love and to create linked products. Twitter and Facebook require daily participation to keep your book in the public eye. On YouTube, upload two- to five-minute videos that show you talking about your book and its benefits to readers. Optionally, create a book trailer similar to a movie trailer. Contact a professional, cost-effective videographer to design a winning book trailer for you. Many social media sites are available and new ones arise every year. To honor your time and commitments, choose the top five social media sites best for your book promotion.

Articles are an effective way to gain additional readers. Write book-related articles and upload them to your website or blog site and other sites, such as and For non-fiction books, for example, write how-to and top-ten-lists articles. For fiction books, for example, write articles about the main character's motives, tragedies, and triumphs. At the end of each article, include your name, title, and a link to your website or blog site.

Ensure your book is available via online booksellers, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Build a brand and interconnect your Internet avenues supporting online book promotion. For example, add Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon links to the main page of your website or blog site. The Internet is the number one resource for promoting your book to readers worldwide. Use it to create a loyal online following and boost sales.

Let's Talk IntuitionLet's Talk IntuitionABOUT LET'S TALK INTUITION

How do I trust my intuition? Can my intuition help me reduce stress? How do I use my intuition to find a good relationship? In Let's Talk Intuition, intuition consultant Darlene Pitts answers these questions and many others clients have asked her over ten years, to show you how quick and easy it is to use your intuition at home, work, school, and play right now. She describes the ways your intuition helps you save money, time, and energy in twenty-eight areas of life, including career, finances, health, and relationships. Included is her three-step process to ask your intuition questions about any life situation and sense accurate answers.