The Pros and Cons of Dating a Coworker

Coworkers Pam and Jim dated on The Office, and it worked out!By Lindsey Kupfer,

After you graduate from college and get a real job, the question arises, how are you supposed to meet cute guys now? It's your first day on the new job and you spot a cute guy in the cubicle next door. What do you do?

Check out Life2PointOh's Pros and Cons of dipping your pen in the company ink:


  • You get to see him every day
  • You don't have to worry about him having an affair with a coworker
  • You actually get excited to get up and go to work
  • You and your guy can carpool to the office
  • Secret relationships are extremely fun!


  • You have to see your guy every day - even when you're fighting
  • If you break up, you have to stay amicable at the office
  • You risk losing your job if it's against company policy
  • You can't flaunt the relationship all over Facebook
  • Having to control your PDA urges throughout the day

Take time to think about it. If you think that it could turn into a serious relationship, then the risk might be worth taking. If you see it as a fling or a hookup, it might be better not to screw up your working environment. If you do decide to do it, here are some rules to follow when it comes to hooking up with a coworker.


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