Rachel Lopez Hosts Bill White - Mesquite TX

A week ago today, Mesquite Resident and Community leader Rachel Lopez hosted a morning Reception for former Houston Mayor and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Bill White.

Mr. White was in Dallas County Tuesday campaigning for the Governorship. He is in a tight race with Gov. Perry and the D-FW area will be crucial to any victory. His visit to Mesquite, and Texas House District 101 underscores the importance that Eastern Dallas County plays in choosing the next Governor of Texas.

The Reception, held at the home of Mrs. Lopez and her husband Sal, was attended by a wide cross-section of the community. Among many local residents in attendance to meet Candidate White, included State Rep. Robert Miklos, State Representative Carol Alvarado, Mesquite City Councilman Bill Porter, Justice of the Peace Candidate 2-2 Wesley Johnson, and Pastor Bruce Archer.

In the living room of the Lopez home, Mr. White spoke of how and why Texas needs a new Governor. A Governor who is not in it for himself and not influenced by special interests. That Texas needs to get it's economy back on track, and that a good Public Education system is part of that solution. Other issues discussed included insurance rates, energy, and Border security.

Many people who attended the morning event, were very happy with the opportunity to meet Mr. White and ask him questions on issues that were important to them. Deb Brimer, of Mesquite, expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Lopez on the invitation and opportunity to meet Bill White. Barbara Rojas, also of Mesquite, thanked Rachel for opening up her home to host the event.

"It was indeed an honor to have Bill White at our home today;" Mrs. Lopez said. "What a gracious man he is. I want to thank all of you who attended, as well. We had a wonderful turnout. In hosting this event I wanted to give our community the chance to meet a man who really cares about our great State of Texas...and not only that, but cares enough to come to Mesquite..to our home and meet my friends, neighbors and fellow community leaders."