The Rain is Back in Seattle

The gray skies of SeattleNavigating the Gray

The gray skies of Seattle are finally back!

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain drops and I thought - Thank you Lord...

While, I love sunshine, I am not used to a whole lot of it. In Houston, Texas there is not only frequent thunder storms but also really high humidity. Seattle gets less rain than Houston then due to the altitude we are scorched here...

Some of my neighbors get just about naked when it is sunny in Seattle! That's just how much they get into it...can't really say they are natives behaving this way...The natives of Seattle really are into the gray weather but they can handle it better.

Ways to Navigate the Gray

Today, I am on my way to the Traver Gallery in downtown Seattle...museums and movies are the way to go when it starts to rain in Seattle so that should be a lot of fun and great for the brain. The young people here are really getting into iFly. I guess it's okay, but feeding that risk taking ability is not prudent in any way except for dying sometime in the future of a freak accident...Also, as jobs are a big issue right now...being into high risk conduct and activities could keep you from getting that dream job. I used to hear the word "Maverick" a lot about guys who were really doing amazing things in the business world. Well, the issue with Mavericks is that they don't know when to stop being a Maverick...Sort of like a General without a war to fight, he just makes one - it's busy work and it's a waste of energy and time. I mean, how many trials can one person blaze, after all?

iFly will make a lot of money but it's going to make risk takers of a lot of people and will they be able to deal with their regular, safe life? Not likely but oh well, more Starbuck's for me!! (Just Kidding...) As far as it goes, it's a better idea to value the intangible instead of risking your life to "feel" alive (a rush). That's my two cents - and I am out to the gallery! Have a wonderful weekend gentle reader!

Come on October and Halloween!!!