Relationship and Attraction and Blame

Hi everyone
Why is it in a relationship that when one or the other looses interest in the they blame the pther person? I takes both parties to make a relationship work.
Like my man does me, he blames me! I am still the same person a little older perhaps but like I said I am the same as when we first met.
I helped him correct his financial problems and in every other way I can yet he rejects me.
He says he loves me, but wont make love to me!!!
I am still the same as when we met.
The only thing that has changed is every time I loose weight he does his best to get me to eat. so I stay fat. he thinks no one would want me. Yet he wanted me up till a few years ago and he started making excuses.
In a relationship you must communicate with one another and not believe what others say. where as my man did. a woman said I said something I did NOT say. he believe her and not me. I have been faithful to him. he works out of town, and when I went to visit him a woman came and knocked on the door he said that it was on the door next to his room but it wasn't so who is wrong now!
I love him. I have tried to talk to him he avoids the conversation. He has had other relationships they all cheated on him but not me. All the men I have been with cheated. The say they want a woman like me yet treat me worse that they did the other women why?
I enjoy going and spending time at the sea shore, going fishing, horse back riding, going tubing, or sitting by a fire with the one I love. quiet dinners together. reading and painting I love to snuggle. he says he enjoys these things too but when he is home he just wants to sit and watch TV. and wont make love to me. he lost interest not me. he is hansom, but I am not a bad looking woman my self. He wont talk to a Dr about his low Testosterone levels. that may be part of the problem but not all.
If he cared he would at least try to please me some time.
We should all try to make our relationships work! instead of ending the relationship. Communication is a big key. Also caring and loving one another. I know I am Not perfect but who is? No one is good but God. that is in the bible. oh well maybe someday he will wake up and realize that he has someone who cares, a cousin said If one day when a man wakes up and realizes he has had something good it might be too late because she is with someone else. now that is bad. oh well that is his loss. or hers as the case may be.
well you all have a good day! and remember keep the lines of communication open and love and care and trust one another.