Resolving the Query: How to Write a Proposal?

Writing a proposal is mandatory in the world of business to procure a contract. This is an official formality to get hired by the client, but, there is no typical format for this bid or proposal. In fact, it needs to be designed on the basis of project. Putting it simply, business goals of every company are different and the services supported by them have known to be varied too. Sales proposal is undoubtedly different from a business RFP written by a consultant. It further implicates that prior to submitting a procurement application, you need to strategize your ideas. The whole idea is to draft a professional tender in a presentable manner addressing all the contextual aspects.

How to write a proposal has been an initial query of most of the people who are less informed about tendering! Here are some of the quick tips to be kept in mind while writing a proposal for different commercial uses:

  • · Summarize your approach in a valuable way: It is a basic component of RFP which should cover all the points of relevance. This summation gives clear-cut idea to a client regarding your competence further convincing him/her to award you the contract. As a part of this summary, you ought to incorporate all the ideas, problem-solving techniques, budget and similar information. You must bear in mind that executive format should be employed while briefing the client about your approach towards his/her project. It is pivotal to ensure that in just a short paragraph, you have successfully given an insight of your experience and efficiency along with pricing of the contract.
  • · Addressing the concerned person concisely: When you file a request for proposal, salutations and basic details of client or project owner in an appropriate manner. To be specific, if you are addressing a client, then, you must use their professional name along with the title used before it. For instance, Dr., Ms., Mr. and so on. By paying attention on this point, your first impression remains stable without offending the client. Most of the people hastily commit mistakes while penning down proposal, that too, in the opening paragraph of RFP.
  • · Explanation of your purpose to procure a project: Most of the project owners appreciate the proposals wherein, the bidder has cited his/her purpose of tendering. This is a step which pronounces the objective of an applicant further helping former in taking a decision pragmatically. However, the proper split-up of your plan should be devised such that it becomes presentable. Quality content must be focused in the proposal rather than coming up with lengthy RFP.
  • · Basic overview and apt conclusion: After addressing all the concerns in the tendering application, you are required to mention the pricing structure. Before ending RFP, you should add short conclusion for the convenience of the client. In this conclusion, you can even include deadline or any information which highlights your definite method of accomplishing the contract competently.

If you adhere to the aforementioned tips, your chances of winning the project tend to increase considerably.

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