Robert Pattinson: "I'd Prefer to Date a Fan"

It seems like Robert Pattinson, the star of the new vampire movie Twilight, it getting more famous by the second. That's probably because he's totally hot - and even more down to earth! He's definitely not into the fame game - and just wants to be himself. In fact, he's so himself that he only owns 2 pairs of pants! :-) Plus, he said you don't need to be a celeb to date him - he'd date a real girl and even a fan! (He even said that you can trade in your Twilight ticket stubs for a date with him, but unfortunately he was probably joking! Too bad!)

Rob answered some questions from his BIGGEST fans. Here are some of his best answers!

Question: Do you think that the love Edward and Bella share can be found in everyday life?
Robert Pattinson: I guess there are elements in the story that cannot be based in reality. Like, the fact that he's a vampire... But, yeah, especially when you're young, because people feel like they'll die if their boyfriend leaves them. I haven't personally experienced that...

Question: Would you ever date a fan or a regular girl?
RP: Yeah, of course I'd date a real girl. I don't know about fan... Actually I'd prefer to date a fan than somebody else. Especially if they go see the movie like 10 times. And send me the stubs.

Can't get enough Robert Pattinson? Check out the complete video interview here.


Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.