Robots Will Virtually Try On Clothes For You

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Here at StyleCaster, we're big supporters of online shopping (Hello, ASOS obsession). Online shopping has its drawbacks, however. You can never bequite sure how something is going to fit until it shows up on your doorstep.

According to Co.Design the days of playing the guessing game with online shopping might be numbered thanks to a virtual fitting robot that shape-shifts according to the shoppers measurements. Previously only available for men (what, like they care how clothes fit?) Estonian startup Fits.Me has now created a female version, the Female FitBot. The Female FitBot is expected to debut at British clothing retailer Hawes & Curtis.

The Female Fit.Bot actually sounds kind of legit. A biorobotics professor co-developed the technology says that the robot conforms to the body types of more than 85% of women who shop online.

I'm all about someone else going through jeans shopping for me. Take a look at the video for the Female FitBot here.

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