The Roller Coaster of a Ride in Dating

I am in my mid 30's and I have never been married; or well let rephrase that. In technicality I wouldn't say I have ever been married. When I was 19 I did get married. We were married for about 2 weeks before he was shipped off to another country with the military and from there it was all downhill. I came across many things about him I did not know and he was un-trusting of me with the distance. We were divorced within months; which our divorce took longer to be finalized than we were married and that was due to him not wanting to sign the papers as he was making money by being married to me. Started to believe that is the reason he ever asked me to marry him. Over the years I have had several serious relationships; all which of course have ended. They each had a life span of about 2 yrs. Each had a variation of why they ended. The first one; the guy decided he didnt want to have to worry about me while he was away at officer candidate school and jag school for the marines. Forget that I only sat by his side why he had to retake the bar exam and understood when I couldnt see him because he had to get things ready for his paperwork for officer candidacy. Second guy we never really said I love you to each other; our relationship was fun and exciting throughout it all. Then he started to abuse steriods and his temper got out of control. I left after he destroyed the apartment and turned it upside down. And made the final decision it was over and could not be salvaged after I took our dog to him for a visit and he attacked me that left me filing charges against him. The third and my last serious relationship the guy was a real charmer from the start. He was always saying the right things, would send me messages throughout the day, called me every night and we would talk for hours til it was time to go to bed, and our weekends together were awesome. I had actually thought I had found the right guy for me. He didnt judge me for my past. We were in sync so well.There was alot of passion between us and I had this great feeling with him that I had never felt before. I truly did love the guy and when things started to get bad after he was re-assigned to a new place and I picked up and moved to be with him and we started to live together I didnt know what to think. He would get irritated at small things I would say. He would accuse me of having affairs with guys at the gym I worked at. He was spending alot of time in the computer room and talking to his buddy from home on the phone for several hours a few nights a week. If I would ask him about things he would tell me I was crazy and then I was to blame for the problems. It started to get real bad. He would belittle me and make me feel like I was nothing. And in the end it was still my fault that things were bad. I didnt understand him he would say. I was showing him I loved him. I had no appreciation for him. He would buy me something and make sure I liked it and by the end of the night or the very next day if I said something small to irritate him he would throw in my face he bought me the gift and I didnt appreciate him. Over time things got bad that I was having panic attacks and was in a deep depression. I didnt know what to think or do. I wanted to leave but I also wanted to be with him and wanted us to talk to someone. He never would; it was me who needed to speak to someone. I started to tell myself his behavior had to do with the heavy alcohol drinking and triggering what appeared to be symptoms of PTSD. Something he said he was told he had but he didnt believe in. I beleived he truly does have it. He would go into this other world and if you would try to discuss his actions at a later time he seemed oblivious to it all. It got so bad that at times it got physical. Eventually I knew I had to leave as I was becoming someone different and all I could do was go into severe panic attacks and the last time I saw him I hit him hard after the be-litting rants of his. I just lost myself. It took alot to regain who I was and feel good about myself again.
Now a year later I am back at dating. Its been a trying thing. I have been seeing this one guy for a month now and I find myself way too often wondering if he is attracted to me. All signs point to he is as we have had 7 dates and continues to suggest plans for the next date; both our schedules only allow us time to see each other on the weekends. Sometimes I think I think the thought comes cause the guys I have dated over the years have been very proactive in contacting me about everyday; if not several times throughout the day. And have been very hands on with affection. The guy I am seeing now calls/text once a week until its time to decide what our plans are for the weekend. When we are together there is never a moment that feels awkward; we are always full on with conversations and we seem to have alot of the same interest. He is just not a very public guy with affection I guess you would say. We have had a few hot steamy make-out sessions when he has dropped me off and have spent a night together now; and he has a great passion in those incidents. There has been references to time frames that speak towards the future or as the references have been about things to participate in together in the upcoming months. Its just a little hard for me to decipher in some way. When it has come to me in dating/relationships I have been accustomed to guys who have been very much about my every move and being very touchy feely. This gentleman has been great. He shows interest in what I am doing. Ask questions about my family and friends. Listens patiently even through the crazy stories. Has a high regard to who I am and what I am about. I want to think he knows I am a fairly independent person and doesnt feel put off about it that I am able to do for myself. I dont have the idealistic hopes of romance any more at my age. He is intrigued by my experiences in life as I have traveled alot and done alot; which does intimidate some guys it would seem. I guess I just over think or maybe its I over analyze things and pick it apart as I am not too trusting in alot of sense. With my past and having good friends as well turn on me I dont know what to think and I get too in my head with things and have a hard time just going with the flow in this type of thing. Maybe the pace him and I are on is exactly the right pace and the way things are going is exactly what I need. I just get a little hesitant as well because he could be leaving in six months; he is military and may be going to a school to change his job in the military. My head is a bit wrapped around on what I should feel and possibly do. I enjoy my time with the guy and there an attraction there. I find it easy to just sit and talk with him and enjoy each time I am able to visit with him. I just get this feeling somewhat its almost something that is going into a friend zone; but we still feel a 'heat' for each other that when it gets sparked is very hot. AGGRRGHH.....what is a gal to think?