Save Me from the Dark Chapter 2

There she was! But she was crying
" Whats wronge?" I asked worried
" Josh broke up with me! "
" Are you still thinking about that fool!"
" Well no! I am crying to because your leaving today!"
"Yea i know. But that doesnt mean you cant call me" I said trying to look happy. But then my pants started to buzz. I took out my cellphone and found out my mom send me a message that said it was time. At that point i started crying. " I have to go " I said hugging her
"Promise to write,text,call,facebook, everything!" She cryed.

I walked home wiping my face. " Time to get in the van " Said John. I looked at him with a nasty face. Then I got into the van. I had the hole backseat to my seif. So i streched out and took a nap. When I woke up it was about 4:23pm. " How much longer? " I groaned wiping my eyes.
" 3 more hours. More or less " Said my mom. The my phone buzzed. It was a text! From Luke!

L- Hey Cloud
S- Hey :)
L- Did you read the note :/
S- Oh no i jus woke up. Umm want me 2 read now?
L- No! Wait till 2moro ok
L- Skyler
L- S- Awwww!
L- I hav 2 go. :) text me later after u read the note
S- k
I closed my phone and looked at the note. I cant because i said i would not. I looked at the purple book. I picked it up and grabed the pen.

Umm hi. My name is Skyler. I dont no what to talk about. Ummm would you like to know about my dad? Well i take that as a yes. well my dad got killed at gun point I was there when it happned. We where at Wallmart and this dude came up and they started talking.I was 13 so i wasnet really paying attention. But after that happned all i remeber is blood and police. My mom didnt cry. As if she knew what happned.

After writing that i went back to sleep. But this time when i woke up, we were there.